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Hi! My name is David

In Chicago 12 years ago, I started at a small porch of a second floor, a small business of Pastes & Empanadas. I started selling them at laundromats at the area of Belmont Cragin and surroundings.

This is my story!

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My Story

The "Pastries". Of British Origin, introduced to Hidalgo gastronomy, At the time of the great silver mines in the state of Hidalgo, in which the English and Hidalgo workers worked together and shared this food. Which became traditional in the municipality of Real del Monte.


At present, a deferential style "El Paste Puff pastry or empanada" has become popular in almost the entire state of Hidalgo. puff pastry "with the perfect mix of traditional flavor and evolution of the pastry. Which we are pioneers in selling here in Chicago for 12 years now, starting to make them in the small porch of a second floor, which later we sold in the laundries of the area of Belmont Cragin and surroundings.


That's how it started. "Golden Tuzo pastries and empanadas. Today we continue having the vice and mission of share a bit of our gastronomy from Hidalgo and our values ​​that will forge this place since each paste and empanadas are stuffed with them.

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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